HMO Developer Trustmark

TPA Developer Trustmark

The Property Advantage have been one of the leaders in creating a sustainable and predictable HMO sales market, a market that traditionally has been fraught with inconsistency either with the quality of buyer (and how they can perform or obtain lending) or quality of stock.

With our ‘TPA Developer Trustmark’ brand we have taken a huge leap forward in making sure that the very best HMO developments (and developers) in the UK are matched with the very best investors, with a specific focus on overseas clients.

Are you delivering quality HMOs to the market you operate in?

Are your HMO conversions sustainable from a build quality and tenant demand perspective and therefore able to provide an armchair investor with a safe investment over a long period?

A collaboration between the very best HMO developers, the best HMO sales agent and the best HMO investors.

  • Trust in your development
  • Joint branded marketing and social media content
  • Sell to order
  • Gain better value for your HMO flips and sales
  • Be part of a supportive group of other HMO developers
  • Direct access to exclusive investors
  • Smoother sales process


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have sold so many amazing new HMO developments over recent years and there has always been high demand from certain investor groups for ‘brand new’ HMOs. Not every brand new HMO, however, stays a good investment for long as some newly refurbished HMOs (usually those which have been created for sale from the start) as some are poorly designed, don’t work for tenant harmony, are in the wrong location or completed with sub-standard fittings and furnishings. We need a distinction between the quality HMO developments and the inadequate ones so remote investors can gain trust in the product.

We’re keen to work with experienced HMO developers who have a track-record of producing HMOs that are sustainable and built with quality.

If you are developing HMOs to sell as a strategy or selling one in two/three developments to generate more cash, then having our Trustmark brand backing your sale and opening doors to exclusive investors will be the number one way to ensure early buyer commitment, higher sale prices, smoother conveyancing and an overall reward for the effort and quality you are delivering.

We are looking for HMOs of all sizes. Newly converted 5 and 6 bedroom C4 HMOs sell well to first-time cash investors from overseas or from experienced UK buyers seeking lending (usually with a cash top-up).

Larger sui generis HMOs work well for more experienced cash investors or those looking to lend up to the full purchase price and remain very popular right the way up to 20-30+ bedroom cluster HMOs.

As we will have varied buyer groups, with different budgets and experience, we will be seeking a mix of large, medium and small HMOs in the North and South.

The sweet spot for these sales, from experience, is to engage with buyers when you are between 4-6 weeks away from practical completion on site. 

This means we will visit your development around this time and commence ‘early bird’ marketing – with coming soon videos, development progress updates and sneak peeks. All of this gets the buyers interested and ready to commit. 

Steady progress must be made weekly from this point in order to keep the buyers interested and we’re looking for a commitment from the right investor around about the same time as you finish the development – saving weeks in comparison to usual HMO sales.

Ready-made HMOs appeal to a large portion of buyers than ever before. Most have made the decision, for whatever reason, that they don’t want to do a development themselves whether that’s because of a lack of confidence, experience, being too remote or not wanting to risk working with builders, planning delays or material cost increases etc. 

If we can marry up the very best HMO developments with a high-performing managing agent and deliver this product to these buyer types, the demand is huge.

We are looking at achieving the following ideal timeframe;

4-6 weeks from completion on site – our first property visit and initial ‘coming soon’ marketing

1-2 weeks away from completion on site – an increase in marketing and working with a handful of serious interested buyers

Completion on site – now that the property can be either viewed by an investor (or a video tour for an overseas investor), we’re looking for a commitment – sometimes this commitment is ‘subject to’ certain criteria being met such as being fully let at the target rents or having a building control sign off/licence approved etc

We would look to be under offer to a buyer very soon after completion on site and then continue into the conveyancing process while the tenants are moving in.

Armchair investors want trust. Trust is key to remote investors as they are well aware of the horror stories of unlucky investors who have had developments or projects go wrong or who have purchased sub-standard HMOs.

The Property Advantage has gained a lot of trust with our overseas investors and they will understand that our Trustmark approved HMOs give them another layer of security when investing in the UK.