HMO Development

If you’re a property developer looking for assistance with your HMO development project, The Property Advantage can help you on every step of your journey.

Our team of experts can provide vital support for you during your renovation project. We can also offer a  professional service that helps you to sell your HMO property once the development phase is complete. We have a network of the highest quality investors in the UK and overseas, so you can rest assured that your property’s sale is in good hands thanks to The Property Advantage Developer Trustmark.

Ideal for HMO Developers

The services offered by The Property Advantage are ideal for HMO developers looking to make a profit on their investments. We have years of experience in the development and investment in HMO properties all over the UK, so we know what it takes to develop a high-quality HMO  property and how to make the desired return.


Why use The Property Advantage to Sell Your Development?

The Property Advantage offers a service that, in the majority of cases, cannot be rivalled by a local Estate Agent. This is because we specialise in the sale of income-producing assets to investors. We value strategically, specifically and often with a particular investor in mind.  We provide only high-quality  information to buyers, and understand the intricacies of selling what is, after all, a valuable asset.

As HMO and portfolio landlords, the TPA Directors have developed, improved and perfected the sale of investment assets since the founding of the business.

TPA Developer Trustmark

With our TPA Developer Trustmark brand, we have taken a giant step towards making sure that only the best HMO developments and developers in the UK are matched with the highest quality investors.

Our Trustmark is all about the following:

  • Trust in your development
  • Joint branded marketing and social media content
  • Sell to order
  • Gain better value for your HMO flips and sales
  • Be part of a supportive group of HMO developers
  • Direct access to exclusive investors
  • Smoother sales process
The Property Advantage HMO Developer Trusmark

HMO Development Areas

The Property Advantage can help you with HMO development in any area you require. We have information on properties in all of the UK’s major cities and have the expertise to help you to not only develop your project but sell it too.

If you’d like to search for excellent rental yield properties, browse our Property Yield Map to get a clear idea of the properties available for your portfolio.


Contact us

To find out more about HMO development, call us on 01743 612 018 or email us at Our team is more than happy to discuss your development needs with you, so get in touch today.