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The Property Advantage are the only specialist UK HMO broker, working with landlords and investors across the UK and internationally. We have earned ourselves a reputation in the property market as the go-to for both selling and investing in HMO property. We match only the best HMOs to specific investment goals through our dedicated market research and highly specialised brokerage service. Every single HMO investment opportunity offered through The Property Advantage receives an in-person site visit so you can be assured of both the valuation and investment potential.

If you’re looking to add to your existing property portfolio or you are starting out on your property investment journey, allow The Property Advantage team to support you through the entire process. Learn everything about HMO investment, from single units to entire portfolios, with The Property Advantage.

Why invest in HMO property?

Investing in an HMO, or House of Multiple Occupancy, can be a powerful and lucrative undertaking.  Offering some of the highest rental yields in the private rented sector, HMO investments are rightly popular with both experienced and novice investors.  Many landlords favour HMO investment over traditional Buy to Let strategies for a number of reasons:

HMO rental yields offer better investment returns than ‘vanilla’ Buy to Let properties.

Demand for HMO rooms in the UK is increasing for all markets – social housing, student accommodation, ‘blue collar’ workers and ‘white collar’ professionals.

HMO landlords are at less risk of rental arrears as, in most cases income is derived from multiple tenancy agreements rather than just one.

There are various tax advantages to be enjoyed by the HMO investor which are not always available with ‘vanilla’ Buy to Let investments.

In short, investing in HMO property can generate far larger profits in the long run, and can prove to be a safe, reliable, investment opportunity.

Investing in HMO property with us

Here at The Property Advantage, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our investors & sellers alike. Our unparalleled understanding of the HMO investment market allows us to deliver industry-leading HMO brokerage and additional services to help prospective investors  identify and pursue the right opportunities for them. Our experienced team is well-versed in the purchase process of HMO property and will be available to support you in your investment from beginning to end. 

If you’re keen to grow your current property portfolio or to proceed with your first investment, learn more about buying HMO property with us.

We recently launched our TPA Developer Trustmark which is awarded to HMOs of the very highest specification.  During the Trustmark Developer process, we work with a selection of experienced developers to bring to the market HMOs that offer the very best investment potential.

For detailed information about the range of investment opportunities we can provide, please read our investor brochure.

The Property Advantage HMO Developer Trusmark

Quality investment opportunities & tailored support

We offer the opportunity to buy and sell HMOs utilising our large network of landlords, vendors, and investors across the UK, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Our team provide tailored support for overseas investors, as we know that it can be a little daunting when trying to understand the UK property market from overseas. Our highly specialist brokers can advise on finance, help to arrange funds, and even advise on the opening of a UK bank account if relevant.

We offer a wide variety of investment opportunities to new and seasoned investors on behalf of our selling clients. These include every type of HMO available: smaller 4 bedroom units, medium size boutique HMOs with en-suite facilities, and larger HMOs – sometimes called ‘sui generis’.  The only properties we don’t list are those that do not meet our exacting standards. That is because we wish to ensure high investment potential for the long term.

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To find out more about HMO property investment and how we can help you, email us at Our team is more than happy to discuss your investment needs with you, so get in touch today.