HMO Investment Property UK Yield Map

Use our property yield map to find the best property yield opportunities in the UK. This useful tool gives an indication of the potential property yield in the UK by location. So, what are you waiting for? Increase your potential HMO income by navigating our property yield map below.

It is important to remember that our yield map gives macro indications of yields in different parts of the UK. For a more nuanced understanding, eg ‘Is a student HMO in Sheffield going to offer greater yield than a professional HMO in Sheffield?’, it is always better to speak to one of our HMO brokers or specialists. Contact us today for detailed HMO property advice.

Click any location on our map to find out more about the average property rental yields in the UK by area.

Best high-yielding locations for UK property investment

With The Property Advantage, you can find high-yield property in the UK with ease. We can provide information on properties in the UK’s major cities, including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and more.

Whether you’re an investor looking to add more assets to your portfolio or you’re stepping onto the HMO property ladder for the first time, our property yield map will help you find your next money-making property. Increase your HMO income and find the best yield property in the UK by registering as an investor. The Property Advantage will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements, budget and investment ideas.

Find out more about HMO Investment

There is a wide range of benefits available to investors looking for HMO income. We provide expert guidance and service to all investors and developers looking to add high rental yield properties to their portfolios. By registering as an investor with The Property Advantage, you’ll receive professional care and service when looking for your next property investment. By using our property yield map, you will discover how the UK’s regions differ and what to expect in terms of yield.