HMO Property Onboarding

Selling HMOs can sometimes be as complex as developing one. Tenanting them or managing them can prove to be a lengthy process and that’s why our specialists at The Property Advantage have developed an industry-leading property onboarding process. That means that when your HMO is placed on the market, it is presented in the best possible way using our HMO marketing strategy. As a result, we can make it as attractive as possible to prospective investor types.

HMO Sale Assistance

Our HMO sales advice stretches beyond the initial valuation and delves deeper into the level of information we need to prepare to make your HMO more investible. Our HMO property onboarding includes tenancy info, ASTs, compliance, planning, condition, HMO marketing, and much more.

At The Property Advantage, we make this often laborious process easy and smooth, not just from the initial sales period, but also the conveyancing at the ‘back-end’.

Our Ethos

Sell your HMO With The Property Advantage

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