Investor Guide

This property investment brochure is here to guide you through purchasing a HMO property and to give you essential tips to maximise your earnings from the latter. By following the in-depth guidance in this property brochure, you will be well on your way to understanding more about the HMO market and of course, purchasing high-yielding investments. This complete property investment guide will put you well on your way to getting the most out of your investment.

What’s in our property investment guide?

Investing in property can ultimately be very rewarding, though the investment process is not always straightforward. By following our guide, the process will be clarified and will help you to break into property investment methodically and fruitfully. 

Below is a summary of what our property investment brochure encompasses:

  • Who is The Property Advantage? – An introduction to who we are, our history and our vision.
  • What do we typically sell? – A guide to what we sell, including HMOs, land and development, freehold blocks and more.
  • Where do we operate? – Explaining the properties we deal with across the country.
  • How to buy from The Property Advantage – Explaining the step-by-step process of how to invest in a HO property with us.
  • How to invest in HMO property – A comprehensive and in-depth guide on where to begin with investing in HMOs, freehold blocks and the variety of other HMO property types we offer.

This is just a snapshot of what our property brochure includes. By downloading this guide, you can read all the need-to-know information and some essential property investment pointers. If you would like to know more about us and how we can help your investment across a range of properties, register to read the full guide and all its beneficial advice.

Contact us

If you have any questions about investing in HMO properties or about our property investment brochure, call us on 01743 612 018, or alternatively you can email us at We are happy to help with anything you would like to ask.

To completely understand the investment process inside and out, register as an investor today.