Sell With Us

Sell With Us

Here at The Property Advantage we recognise that in the majority of instances HMO sales can not be treated the same as residential property sales. Selling your HMO requires a specialist approach in understanding where to market a property, to whom and at what price. The approach should navigate a variety of risk factors including current market conditions, lender requirements, down-valuations and tenant peace of mind.

Down-valuations from Lenders are extremely prominent in recent times however The Property Advantage has been able to circum-navigate the issue in many cases due to the wide variety of buying clients within our network.

Benefits of Selling Via The Property Advantage


Yield Valuation

We value as a business asset – not a brick and mortar property. Yield valuations are often in excess of brick and mortar value meaning that Vendors are achieving maximum value for the sale of their HMO.


Tenant Friendly

Our Buying Clients are 99% Investors, therefore people wishing to purchase the property to benefit from its income and continue to run as an HMO. This means that your tenants are safe in the knowledge that their home will remain theirs upon completion of your sale.


Quality Control

For every property, our HMO stock benefits from industry leading advice and HMO health checks prior to sale, creating better value for sellers and buyers.


Brokers NOT Agents!

The first buyer is not always the best buyer! We recognise this and ensure we are active in finding the best buyer for your property via our many marketing channels (see below).


HMO Experts

We specialise in HMO’s. Our team specialise in HMO’s. Valuers, Photographers, Administrators, Sales Brokers, Sales Progressors and everything in between. We are the go- to team for HMO Sales.


International Exposure

We recognise the International desire for UK HMO’s and therefore have built a presence in Europe, Asia and the MIddle East to cater for this market, hence increasing the exposure of your property to international clientelle.

Our Buying Clients include

Care Sector Clients

Since 2018 our relationship with the care buying partners has grown exponentially. Typically, The Property Advantage has sold HMO’s, self-contained units and portfolios to this buyer type. Purchases are often fast and secure offering a brilliant selling option.

Overseas Investors

The Property Advantage team started marketing directly in Hong Kong in 2019 and we have seen this side of our business grow ever since with overseas clients registering their interest with us weekly. Many of our property brochures are translated for this audience.

HNW & Funds

We make a huge effort to retain some very exciting high net worth (HNW) and fund clients for our larger assets, land & portfolio's. Properties which suit this buyer type will be personally show-cased to the client by one of our Brokers.

On Market Buyers

A lot of our investment stock is not 'marketed' in the traditional sense of the word. For some investment properties however, full marketing is the best approach to get the best price from the most secure buyers. We therefore have the ability to market and reach the same audience as local agents via RightMove, OTM, Estates Gazette & more..

Registered Private Investors

Our own internal investor database has been collated over a long time and is growing day by day. Our database is filled with active property investors many with proof of funds logged and ready for the next opportunity.