Sell With Us

Selling your investment property requires a specialist approach in understanding where to market a property, to who and at what price. The approach should navigate a variety of risk factors, especially in current market conditions.

Down-valuations from lenders are extremely prominent in current market conditions, however The Property Advantage has been able to circumnavigate this issue in the majority of cases due to the wide variety of buying clients within our network.

Who are our buyers?

Care Sector

Since 2018, our relationship with Care Sector buying partners has grown exponentially. Typically, The Property Advantage has sold HMOs, self-contained units and portfolios to our Care Provider buyers when a vendor’s property meets a care clients requirement. The purchases are often fast and secure; giving our selling landlords and vendors a brilliant selling option.

Overseas Investors

The Property Advantage team started marketing directly in China in 2019 and we have seen this side of our business grow ever since, with new Chinese property investors registering their requirements with us weekly. Many of our property brochures are translated for this audience and we employ translators to assist in this area.


A lot of our Investment stock is not ‘marketed’ in the traditional sense of the word. For some investment properties however, full marketing is the best approach to get the best price from the most secure buyer. Our rightmove account allows us to reach the same audience as local estate agents, whilst retaining the ability to sell in the ‘investment circles’.

Registered Private Investors

Our own internal buyers’ register, which has been collated a long period of time. This contains the vast bulk of our most active investors (proof of funds evidenced).

HNW and Funds

We make a huge effort to retain some very exciting HNW / Fund clients for our larger assets, land or portfolios. Face-to-face and exclusivity are the two key factors in growing these relationships and, if we get the right property in for one of our higher-ticket clients, a member of our team makes the effort to showcase this investment personally.

This helps build relationships and increases conversion rates – meetings with HNWs or Funds are often in London and The Property Advantage has built relationships in the Middle East and Switzerland in recent years. We are continuing to grow our network to enable The Property Advantage to transact securely on high value investment opportunities.