Student HMO Property Investment

With The Property Advantage, you can expand your portfolio by investing in a student HMO . There are over 160 universities in the United Kingdom with more than 2.6 million students, most of whom wish to live communally. . This means that there is an enormous pool of properties to be developed as HMOs or already tenanted in this group-living way.

By working with TPA, you can access a wealth of available student HMOs for sale. This allows you to either expand your current property portfolio or get on the property ladder with a ready-made investment HMO.

We have information on HMO student property for sale all over the UK, in cities like London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. Find out why you should invest in a student HMO here.

Why invest in a student HMO?

So, why should you invest in a student HMO? The first reason is that there is a huge market for student HMOs for sale due to the sheer number of students in the UK. As students come and go, universities always remain in place. There is a consistent flow of students every year, so there is always a market for HMO properties. This means there is plenty of opportunity for yield.

The attraction of student HMOs is largely due to their high cash flow capabilities.  Student HMOs are let by the room rather than as a whole property, this means that they offer higher yields to an investor. Additionally, and this is fairly unique to the student market,  there is often the possibility to host all occupants under one AST – Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. This can make tenant management easier. So, instead of getting one lump sum payment every month for a property, you could multiply that by bringing in a rental yield from each bedroom.

If you’re interested in investing in HMO properties, then register your interest by sending us your details. We will be in touch to help you and your search for properties.

High Yielding HMOs

HMOs can offer income far in excess of single Buy-To-Let properties. Average gross yields on HMOs sold by The Property Advantage are around 12%.

Immediate Income

The majority of the HMOs we sell are sold as ‘going concerns’. This means they’re almost always tenanted, so as soon as you complete your purchase you will start receiving an income on the property.

We Act For You

Once you’re committed there is NO gazumping. This provides you with the peace of mind to progress through all of the legal steps stress-free!

Brokers Not Agents

Our experienced Sales Brokers are HMO professionals and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. They’re trained to match your investment requirements with an appropriate property, so please take advantage of their expertise.

HMO Experts

We specialise in HMOs.  Our team consists of valuers, photographers, administrators, sales brokers, sales progressors and everything in between. We are HMO industry-leading experts, which you will soon realise in your experience with us.

Full Financial Data

We provide up to two years of historic occupancy information for every property we sell, plus a current tenancy schedule and income and expenditure data. This means you’re fully informed on the business of the asset that you are purchasing. We do the due diligence on your behalf.

In short, investing in HMO property can generate far larger profits in the long run, and can prove to be a safe, reliable, investment opportunity.

Student HMO Property Investment Areas

The Property Advantage can help you find the perfect HMO student property for sale in any area you require. We have information on properties in all of the UK’s major cities.

If you’d like to know more about the potential rental yield  of Student properties, browse our Property Yield Map to get a clear idea of the properties available.

TPA Developer Trustmark

The Property Advantage has been one of the leaders in the HMO sales market for creating a sustainable and predictable ROI. It’s a market that has traditionally been fraught with inconsistency from either the quality of  properties and landlords or lack of understanding of yield and cash-flow potential. We aim to rectify this.

In 2021 we took the TPA business to another level by developing the TPA Developer Trustmark.  Why did we do this? Because we had noticed that many international investors were being let down by the quality of tenanted HMOs they were purchasing. Clearly, these disillusioned investors were not purchasing their properties through The Property Advantage. However, they were finding the process difficult and the results troublesome. We decided to create a premium product specifically targeted towards the investor who wants an extraordinarily high-quality HMO delivering hands-free returns.

Our Trustmark is all about the following:

  • Trust in your development
  • Joint branded marketing and social media content
  • Sell to order
  • Gain better value for your HMO flips and sales
  • Be part of a supportive group of HMO developers
  • Direct access to exclusive investors
  • Smoother sales process
The Property Advantage HMO Developer Trusmark

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